French Copywriter & Translator

A French native copywriter & translator to make your content relevant and appealing to a French-speaking audience.

Translating culture and language. Good translation does not stop with the language: there are cultural references and idioms that must also be translated. My native sensitivity to France’s cultural differences ensures that my translations fully connect with a French-speaking audience.

Original French copywriting service. Alongside my role as a French translator, I’m also a SEO copywriter who create original content in French language from scratch. This service is perfect for companies who need French blogs, news articles, content pages, etc. that are not merely translations of English webpages.

Fully integrated international SEO service. Search visibility is more important than ever and it is essential to ensure all content, whether original or translated, is fully optimised and visible to Google (which makes up over 90% of all search engine traffic). For each project, I blend SEO techniques with creative French copywriting to maximise your brand’s visibility.


Nice to meet you! I’m Justine. I’m a professional French copywriter & translator based in Glasgow, UK.After my master’s at l’Institut Supérieur de Traduction et d’Interprétariat in Paris, I moved to Glasgow and founded Language Distillery. I have worked with a range of fascinating clients and I am always happy to hear from companies in need of my English into French translation and copywriting services. Please get in touchif you’d like to work with me!


Keyword Research & International SEO

Keyword research is at the core of any content marketing strategy. Uncovering search terms used by your target audience is the best way to get their attention and meet their expectations. Any copywriting or translation project should always be informed by comprehensive keyword research for SEO purpose.

English into French Translator & Copywriter

I write extremely high-quality content and nuanced translation in French language by blending digital expertise with a sensitivity to cultural disparities to increase visibility and engagement with your brand. All my translation and copies are fully optimised for SEO and created after a thorough keyword research to maximise traffic opportunities.

Content Strategy

Driven by clear and attenable KPIs, I create a bespoke, balanced content marketing strategy for each client. They provide efficient methods of outshining and outranking competitors on Google and on social media through exciting storytelling and SEO techniques.

Social Media Ads

Localising Facebook and Instagram Ads is the best way to ensure that your online advertising brings return on investment when marketing in France. My digital marketing and language skills will save you time and money: I understand French language, cultural and commercial context perfectly and I have proven experience of successful social media ad campaigns.

My clients

Language Distillery_French_Translation_Copywriting_Clients_Rémy_Cointreau
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What they say

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