French Translator & Copywriter

English into French Translator

Translation is the basis of any international exchange. In this case, it’s the communication of meaning from English (the source language) into French (the target language). But with different languages come different cultures, this is why a good English into French translator conveys the original tone and intent of a message, taking into account cultural and regional differences between the source and target languages.

It’s crucial that all your marketing is well-translated when you’re looking to do business in France. French people have their own ways and cultural specificities, and even if they become more and more familiar with the English language, studies have shown that 42% of French people will not buy a product or a service if the information is not provided in their native language.

I’m an experienced English into French translator based in Glasgow who offer extremely high-quality content and nuanced, culturally sensitive translation — because I know too well that cultural faux pas kill the credibility of a brand. I will always make sure your brand’s story is conveyed in the most authentic and creative way. I blend my digital expertise with a sensitivity to cultural disparities to increase visibility and customer engagement with your brand.

French Copywriting

Are you looking for an experienced, high-quality French copywriter? Would you prefer to create original, creative French content instead of translating your existing English content?

I create a bespoke, balanced content strategy for each of my clients. I write rich French content perfectly tuned to convey your brand’s message and help your audience connect with your product or service.

I have extensive, tried and tested, experience working as an in-house French copywriter for Renault and Safran. And I have worked as freelance French copywriter for Secret Escapes and Hachette. I have written product descriptions, brochures, catalogues, emails, and blogs.

If you’re looking for French copywriting with SEO, I have a range of SEO tricks and techniques to ensure you outshine and outrank your competitors on Google. This includes keyword research and on-page content optimisation. In a nutshell, I write both for search engines and for people: my SEO knowledge attracts users to your website and my creative copywriting skills provide them with useful, compelling content.


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