How to interview to get a job at Skyscanner?


Less than a year ago, I interviewed for a marketing manager position at Skyscanner. After a long and labour-intensive 6-round interview process, I was offered the job. And, while I turned down the job to become a freelance translator and international SEO specialist, I learned a lot about Skyscanner and how to successfully navigate their recruitment process.

If you’re reading these lines, chances are you are looking to apply for a job at Skyscanner or better yet, you’re getting ready for the interview. Well done you! Skyscanner is a great company; you’re going to learn loads. Pand the working environment is amazing — especially their Edinburgh office.


So what does the Skyscanner interview process look like?


The first stage of the interview process plays out just as you’d expect: someone in HR gets in touch to let you know that you have been shortlisted, and you chose a slot for your first interview with a senior marketing manager from the country you will be operating for — Skyscanner France, in my case.

Google whoever is going to interview you

Your interviewer works at Skyscanner, so they probably have valuable insights about digital marketing that have been shared online. In my case, the interviewer had given a super-interesting talk about AI and voice recognition in marketing just a few months ago on French Web. Bingo! Now I know what my interviewer looks like and I have a few topics to engage with him about.

List all the examples of situations where you have added value to a project.

Did you manage to grow an email list by 300%? Tell them about it.  Have you increased the time on site of your website, or decrease the bounce rate, or have you written a piece of content that made it to the first page of Google? TELL THEM! And, by all means, please use data to back up any case studies you give them. Skyscanner’s business model is heavily reliant on data; they love it, so use it to support your points as much as you can.


Read as much as you can on the AARRR framework, also known as the Pirate Metrics.


If you have been evolving in the digital marketing universe for a while, you’re probably applying the concepts of the AARRR framework without realising it.

AARRR stands for Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention and Referral. These are the 5 critical steps to grow online businesses, and the system works for both websites and apps. The AARRR framework has been developed by David McClure and it’s used by many startups and non-startups alike, Skyscanner included.

Here is a little chart to help you understand the AARRR:


Source: Apptentive

Understanding the AARRR concepts and identifying key challenges for Skyscanner within this timeframe is paramount to a successful interview (little clue: it is 7x more expensive to gain a new customer than to get an existing customer to purchase your service/product.)


Know how to make (and make the most of) pivot tables


If your first interview goes well, you will be invited for a full day at Skyscanner. From 9am to 4pm, you will have five different interviews: three technical interviews and two interviews focusing on behaviour . I know it sounds daunting but all of this is also a way to assess your reaction to pressure, so try not to give in to stress.

Before the big day, you will be sent a dataset showing a year’s worth of data and you will be asked to conduct an analysis on how to increase Skyscanner activation by a certain percentage — 5%, in my case.

Now, read the data again, with AARRR metrics in mind, and use pivot tables. Which channel works best? Which does not? In your rich and diverse experience as a digital marketer, what is the channel you need to focus on? What strategy could you put in place to improve this channel?

It’s time to make the best use of this impressive brain of yours! And because I want you to succeed, please feel free to have a look at the presentation I delivered to Skyscanner when my application was successful: 

Justine Chrisment_French Growth Manager_Skyscanner Presentation.pptx

Good luck and let me know how it goes in the comment section 🙂


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