Translating Beelance from English into French
making the content SEO-friendly

For their French website, the team at Beelance asked me to translate the website from English into French and to make sure that the content was optimised for search engines by populating it with high-search-volume keywords and other techniques in line with SEO best practices.

Beelance is a freelance platform specifically for IT and web consultants. It’s a simple and easy-to-use website designed to help companies find the right freelancers, and vice-versa. The hook is that Beelance doesn’t take commission from the freelancer’s wage; it’s the company who pays a monthly subscription to gain access to a comprehensive list of top-notch freelancers.

Beelance has been available in English for years, and 2019 is the year it launches in France. Exciting times ahead!

Why did Beelance choose to work with me for SEO English into French Translation?

Unlike SEO agencies or translation agencies, I offer cross-skills spanning both SEO and translation. Prior to the project, I conducted keyword research and a competitor analysis; I then discussed talked through my findings with the team to help me align my work with their marketing efforts and positioning. After this initial research and calibration, I started translating their content into French with style and readability in mind.

The advantage of working with an SEO-trained translator meant that Beelance only had to work with one single freelancer instead of two agencies working in isolation. SEO translation saves money, time, and unnecessary back-and-forth communication between multiple parties.

The whole project lasted 10 working days and the team at Beelance were very pleased with the result. They even provided a testimonial:  

“Justine was always available to guide us through her SEO strategy and translation choices, and she understood our business goals right from the beginning of the project. Justine met every deadline and provided high-quality work at every stage.” Stéphane Thérèse, Co-founder of Beelance 

What is SEO translation?

SEO translation is at the cross-road between translation and digital marketing. An SEO translator will translate the content while making sure it achieves a high ranking on search engines results pages. Good SEO makes it easier for customers to find your website, resulting in higher traffic on your website and an increased number of leads. It takes technical knowledge of SEO and excellent writing skills in the target language to be able to deliver such SEO translations because the content needs to be enjoyable to read, helpful to the reader, AND it has to be be worded in a way that it easily interpreted by Google’s robots.  

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