Hachette Travel Guide: French copywriting that paints a picture, inspires dreams and brings people to Scotland

I’m a French expat, freelance translator and copywriter living in Scotland, and the famous French editing company Hachette hired me in 2018 to write a new French-language travel blog about Glasgow for French, French Canadian, Belgian and Swiss travellers. 

I’ve gained a lot of experience as a freelance copywriter for the tourism industry over the years, working for Secret Escapes and blogging for French Kilt, the first blog about Scotland which helps French-speaking visitors and expats uncover the country’s gems and natural beauty in their own language.

Freelance French Copywriter Justine Chrisment

Justine holding the newly published travel guide about Scotland by Hachette

A freelance copywriter’s dream, being published and read by fellow French speakers 

I spent 6 months researching the history and the culture of the Glasgow area, to get to know this part of Scotland really well. Because when you write for the travel industry, storytelling is paramount. You must be able to recreate the atmosphere of each site in your writing so that travellers can immerse themselves in the beautiful location you are describing through your copy. 

To capture the reader’s attention, you have to write about a place by building bridges between its past and its present. Also, by passing on knowledge from English into French through copywriting, copywriters have a tremendous responsibility to communicate real facts that have been checked and verified.

Writing a travel guide about Glasgow in French language was very much a job of mixing historical facts with descriptive and engaging French copy to create stories travellers would carry with them during their stay in Scotland and long after they left. 

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