Creating engaging and creative content in French for Secret Escapes

You’ve heard of Secret Escapes before, right? The luxury travel online marketplace that offers an incredible selection of luxurious stays around the world with exclusive discounted prices. Well they are expanding into new and exciting international markets and have recently secured $52 million in investment.


Secret Escapes was founded in the UK, but as part of their new growth strategy it recently launched a French version of the website, offering French customers the same opportunity
to easily browse and book hundreds of discounted luxury stays all across the world in their own language. If you want to see their amazing listings, make sure to jump over to their website and secure your next unforgettable holiday.

As part of Secret Escapes development for the French market, Language Distillery have been commissioned with assisting their marketing department in the creation of engaging content and enticing hotel descriptions in French, because, as we all know, travel experiences begin long before travellers reach their holiday destination. It starts with the first click, when a potential customer starts searching the web for their next dream destination.

With catchy content comes increased click-through-rate

Secret Escapes are an online affiliate accommodation reseller, in other words they secure deals for luxury accommodation from all around the world then promotes them on their website and social channels. Content is hugely important for them because they rely 100% on people liking what they see by providing appealing content that entices and seduces users into clicking on the deal and then persuades them into purchasing the promotion.

90 characters is initially all you have to both excite and tempt users into clicking to find out more about a particular deal. So, thinking outside the box and writing attention grabbing content is pivotal into starting customers on the purchase journey to their next amazing getaway. From luxurious suites In Thailand overlooking serene white sand beaches to 5-star lodges in the majestic Scottish Highlands equipped with private hot tubs, creative writing is always about finding a way to turn simple words into both a sensory and desirable experiences.

“In her copies, Justine uses an array of rich vocabulary perfectly suited to the individual travel experiences on our website. Her content has the amazing ability to teleport people to the incredible destinations that we market allowing them to truly picture themselves taking advantage of our incredible deals and promotions. Justine always meets her deadlines and I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Jade Broggio, Managing Editor at Secret Escapes

Do you need help turning your ideas into great content French people will love reading? Or do you want to see more examples of my work? Please get in touch, it’s always a pleasure to chat.

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