Safran France: turning corporate news & technical concepts into accessible content  

Safran is a global high-technology group, operating in the aircraft, space, and defense markets. It’s the French equivalent of General Electric in America or Rolls Royce in the UK. Safran’s day-to-day operations are difficult to communicate to the staff or external third parties for a number of reasons.

Firstly, working on an international scale with offices around the world makes the logistics of efficient internal communications a difficult task. As such, it is essential to ensure all communications and content are produced in a way that makes the most complicated of information easy to digest and understand.

Secondly, the core activity of Safran involves working with cutting-edge technologies in a highly technical environment, and it can be difficult to write about these kinds of topics in a way that all staff are able to comprehend — especially staff who are not directly involved with engineering. Safran is also a state-owned enterprise and it needs to communicate its policies and activities in relation to corporate governance in a very professional and informative way.

As part of Safran’s internal communication department plan to invest a lot in educational content, I wrote more than 200 articles for both the website and the intranet of the company about a wide range of subjects, from metrology — the science of measurement — to presidential visits and newly inaugurated plants.

No matter how diverse the subjects, the end goal was always the same: turning corporate news and technical concepts into accessible and interesting content.

Writing educational content for the web

Writing for the web is very different from writing for print, it’s all about creating easy-to-consume content which people can effortly browse. An audience does not read online like they do on paper, and following good practices for text readability is one of the pillars of any good content marketing strategy.

At Safran, I used supporting content to make my writing clearer and easier to understand. I made use of infographics and videos, as well as engaging photographs and images; all of this helped raise awareness within the company, and among the public, about current affairs and projects carried out by the group as a whole.

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