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International Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) incorporates a range of techniques which aim to increase the quality and quantity of traffic that finds its way to your website via Google. Given that 90% of customers begin their buying process with a search engine, it is vital that your company has a strong online presence and performs well on Google.

SEO is the best way for your company to achieve this goal as it ensures your pages rank high on Google for search queries related to your business and your best-selling products.

When you translate your website, you are investing in a process that will increase the visibility of your website (and your brand) in a new foreign market. Making the content available in another language is great, but it will have little effect if you don’t ensure the content is optimised for search engines (especially Google). At Language Distillery, Justine uses her experience as SEO specialist to ensure all translations are fully optimised for search.

Keyword Research

Any translation or copywriting project should always be informed by comprehensive keyword research to maximise the visibility of a brand and drive more conversions. Using an app like Google Translate will not take into account cultural references or slang, and it won’t be able to identify the vital keywords or key phrases that need to be included to increase your SEO rankings.

Keyword research is at the core of any online marketing strategy. It uncovers the terms — or search queries, in marketing jargon — used by your target audience. Keyword research will allow you to find out which word combinations on your website are likely to be the most profitable and should therefore be implemented at key locations on your website. Good keyword research informs good SEO, allowing you to outrank competitors on Google, giving your brand and product maximum visibility.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a new form of advertising targeting Facebook users. You can advertise to Facebook users based on a huge range of specific details, such as their location, demographic, age, online behaviour, and profile information. It is a very powerful advertising technique, considering that 22% of the world’s population uses this ubiquitous social media platform. Facebook Ads gives you the opportunity to reach new markets as well as remarket to an audience that has already shown interest in your brand or your products.

Facebook’s nuanced audience-targeting system also allows businesses to reach specific people, reducing the cost per acquisition to a minimum — essentially only showing your ads to the people most likely to buy from you. Of course, to tap into a foreign market on Facebook, and achieve good results, you will need to advertise first-class localised content that resonates with your audience. This is where Language Distillery comes in!

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